Quality Brick & Paver Manufacturing Company

When you select a Namoi Valley brick or paver, you are choosing an art form. 
Four generations of experience handed down, combined with modern technology,
 enables us to produce one of the most prestigious range of bricks today.

In the past, great architects and builders have used fine brick work to enhance their buildings. 
In the same tradition, many architects and builders use Namoi Valley Bricks and pavers to enhance their buildings. 
 To cater for this great tradition of fine brickwork, Namoi Valley Bricks provide an architectural range of bricks, 
a sandstock range of bricks, a homestead range, as well as a classic range of bricks. 

Namoi Valley Bricks also provide a comprehensive range of specialty bricks, designed to enhance 
and finish off brickwork, a great way to give elegance and prestige to any building project.


Range of Bricks in Namoi Valley Bricks


Range of Pavers in Namoi Valley Bricks


Specialty Shaped Bricks of Namoi Valley Bricks
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