Namoi Valley Bricks - Match Bricks Project


Matching existing brickwork can be a difficult task. You may be adding an extension, repairing damage or finally getting around to adding the letter box or brick fence. You will notice with our range that it stands the test of time and brick matching is our specialty. It is important that brick samples (where possible) and photographs (take a couple of pictures, 2m x 2m, straight on in the shade) of existing brickwork be provided to ensure you achieve as close a match as possible.  

At Namoi Valley Bricks we are fussy about brick matching and close enough is not good enough! We will analyse your brick requirements and then send samples to you to ensure you can touch, see and feel, not only the quality of the product but the colour match.

You are always welcome at our manufacturing plant in Gunnedah to see your order in person. We could take you for a tour and see the Press Robot in action!

If you are working with a Brick Industry Reseller, that’s OK, just give them the photos and ask them to arrange it with us and we will send samples through to them for you to consider.
Matching existing brickwork is not limited to a particular range of bricks; and bricks from all our ranges are able to be utilised.
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Namoi Valley Bricks - Match Bricks Work

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