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Namoi Valley Bricks produces only the highest-quality Dry Pressed bricks, designed to meet stringent building standards to guarantee consistent size, shape and texture across a range of applications.

Durable and long-lasting, our bricks are manufactured using locally sourced clay, which we cook in our coal-fired downdraft kilns. The rich clays and shales of the Liverpool Plains allow us to create a unique selection of different colours, ranging from pale cream, to deep red or light grey bricks.

We have been manufacturing bricks for over 60 years using time-tested techniques for truly excellent results. We believe in making bricks the old-fashioned way, using the knowledge passed down from generations of brick makers. We combine these techniques with modern technology, allowing us to produce a large volume of high-quality bricks to replicate both the style and resilience of those produced decades ago.

Our bricks have become a mainstay in NSW architecture, giving prestige and elegance to any building project. They are available from our store in a range of textures and finishes, from coarse splitface bricks to rustic clinker bricks for an older finish.

We also service Inverell, Narrabri, Moree, Armidale, Tamworth, Singleton, Muswellbrook, Dubbo, Orange, Bathurst and Parkes.

Architectural Range

Our Architectural Range of bricks are made from New South Wales clay. This specialty blend of traditional bricks are very well suited to Federation style buildings, upscale commercial buildings and restoration projects. From pale cream coloured bricks to eye-catching black and silver, these bricks have a timeless elegance.

Sandstock Range

The Sandstock Range is a beautiful, colonial-style brick with a rough, rustic appearance. It comes in a range of earthy colours and features a unique mottled texture that adds instant character to any building project. It looks best with traditional white or off-white mortar, which allows the colours of the Sandstock to truly shine through.

Classic Range

The Classic Range includes a selection of different bricks, including the ever-popular Clinker Bricks Range used in a variety of builds. With a Light Clinker Blend, these bricks have a kiln-scorched pattern that makes them a popular choice for both colonial buildings and contemporary builds.

The Classic Range also includes our highly textured Rockface bricks that are ideal for achieving a rustic, robust look.

Homestead Range

The rich colours of the Homestead Range have a rustic allure that is well suited for use in traditional homes. Combined with white or off-white mortar meld well with Victorian and Georgian style architecture.

The Homestead Range comes in a range of attractive natural colours, including red, silver, and sandy brown, which are interspersed with darker flecks of grey for added depth and texture.

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