Bricks of distinction made in the traditional way

Specialty Shaped Bricks

Many years ago, uniquely shaped bricks were used extensively in fine old buildings to enhance the brickwork, adding elegance and prestige. Today there is a reawakening of this fine tradition for brickwork. Namoi Valley Bricks has a collection of specialty shaped bricks suitable for all applications.

So why not explore the possibility of a Single Bullnose or Single Cant to enhance the appearance of your window sills or doorways?

And for bay windows, or any other 45-degree wall in your building project ,we recommended the use of a specialty brick called a squint brick, which is available in most ranges of bricks. Straight vertical joints in bay windows are not only structurally unsound, but can also look unsightly. This specialty brick allows you to bond your brickwork while also enhancing its appearance.

For further information on specialty bricks, simply request the specialty brick specifications.

Plinth Header

Double Header

Plinth Stretcher

Plinth External Return

Plinth Internal Return Long

Plinth Internal Return Short

Single Bullnose

Bullnose External Return On Edge

Single Bullnose Stop

Double Bullnose

Double Bullnose External Return On Edge

Double Bullnose Stop

Single Cant

Single External Return On Edge Cant

Cant Stop

Double Cant

Double External Return Cant

Double Cant Stop


Culvert Header

Culvert Stretcher

Custom Shape Design

Every brick manufacturer has designed specific shapes to ensure their brickwork stood out from the crowd over the years. We, at Namoi Valley Bricks, are able to copy many different shapes or even create a unique shape to suit your individual project.

Please contact our experienced team today to enquire how we can help with your specific requirements.

Bricks of distinction made in the traditional way

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