Blending Bricks

It is very important to blend all our packs of bricks together. It is not uncommon to have variation of colour and tone from pack to pack and even within a pack, depending on how they are produced.

Therefore, to ensure an even blend, it is critical that you blend all your bricks together. Consequently do not start your brickworks until all, or most of your bricks are on site. When the product is delivered on site, it is very important for the bricks to be “grouped” around the worksite for the brick contractors to obtain access to an even blend of product.

This grouping practice will ensure easy access to the full range of colour within the product. Once the pallets are grouped together, the straps of each pallet should be cut to ensure the contractor can obtain bricks from each pallet. If this process is not performed, the risk of colour variation or a banding effect is greatly increased.

Bricks of distinction made in the traditional way

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