Double Sided Face Bricks

Most bricks produced by Namoi Valley Brickworks are double sided face, which means far less wastage, as most bricks on the market give you a one sided face brick only. This in essence means that if you have a damaged brick on the one sided face brick, the bricklayer is then obliged to throw that brick away But if the brick has a double sided face, the bricklayer can then use the other side of the brick. This can often save you hundreds of dollars, depending on the wastage factor.

Full brick construction is now regarded by many as the way to build brick homes. With the low maintenance, insulating properties and natural and attractive appearance, the Namoi Valley double sided face brick range of products could be the perfect choice for this type of construction. Please call our sales team for information on the right product for your single partition walls.

Bricks of distinction made in the traditional way

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